6 Ways To Prevent An Accidental House Fire

A homeowner’s biggest fear is a house fire. Fires are one of the most devastating disasters that can strike at any time. They are very dangerous and can cause a lot of damage very quickly. Here are some preventative measures that you can take to prevent an accidental fire in your Billings home.

Fire Damage- Billings, Montana

1. Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are an absolute necessity in your home. Most states legally require you to have smoke alarms in your home. Smoke alarms can alert you of a fire you may not be aware of yet. Not only will this help the fire to be extinguished faster, but it will ensure your family has time to evacuate the house.

2. Fire Extinguishers

The kitchen is where most homeowners keep their fire extinguishers. This is smart because almost fifty percent of house fires begin in the kitchen with cooking accidents. Keeping one within reach can help extinguish a fire that might start while cooking.

3. Do Not Leave Cooking Unattended

Speaking of cooking accidents, the best way to ensure that a kitchen fire becomes completely devastating is to leave food cooking without watching it. If an accident does happen, you need to be there to see it and put it out immediately. When you are using your stove or oven, keep a close watch on your food to ensure a fire does not start.

4. Be Careful With Candles

Just like with cooking, you should never leave lit candles unattended. While you are not looking, something might fall and knock over the candle or catch the flame. This can be absolutely devastating. If you are going to leave your house, even for a short time, make sure to blow out any lit candles first to prevent a house fire.

5. Get Wiring Inspected

Some house fires are caused because of electrical malfunctions. Your home has a lot of wires running through it, with outlets giving you access. If any of the wiring wears out, it can cause a spark that leads to a fire. Inspecting the electricity in your home can help you know where there might be problems so you can fix them before they lead to a fire.

6. Be Careful With Space Heaters

Space heaters can be great, especially during the winter months when your home is cold. But heaters can cause house fires if you are not careful with them. Always give them adequate space, and do not put them too close to anything that might catch fire from the heat. You should not leave space heaters running when you are not home or when you fall asleep. Keep them away from pets and children who might accidentally knock them over.

While house fires are devastating, they can be prevented. If your Billings home experiences damages from a house fire, call Faithful Disaster Restoration to help you with the cleanup. Our team of experts is trained and ready to help you through the process of restoring your home and repairing the damage.