Be Prepared For Any Water Damage Cleanup Situation In Billings

If your home has sustained a small amount of water damage, odds are you will be able to clean it up on your own and have no further problems. However, for cases where there is a significant amount of water or damage present, even your best cleaning efforts may not be enough to adequately solve the problem. 

Water Damage Cleanup Tips In Billings

Before you begin any attempt at a water damage cleanup, you need to assess the situation and be sure that is it safe to proceed. If the damage is mild and there are no threats, here are the water damage cleanup tips we suggest you do for your Billings home:

  1. Unplug all electronics in the area where the water is present that is safe to reach. Even a small water damage situation can pose a serious threat if the electrical system has been compromised in any way. Although the water damage does not seem severe or significant, it is important to be cautious and practice safety especially when it comes to electricity and water. If it’s difficult to reach electrical power sources without touching the water it’s touching, wait and call your electric company to have them turn off the electricity on their side.
  2. Look for mold growth or any possible signs of mold in the affected area. Mold can grow and spread very quickly following the introduction of water so even cases with minimal water damage can lead to major mold problems. Mold can cause several respiratory symptoms in those exposed to it, so you do not want to leave it untreated or unnoticed.
  3. You can begin the actual cleanup by removing the water and drying the wet spots. For minor water damage cases, you may be able to mop up the water with towels or sponges, but for more serious instances, you will need a wet/dry vacuum. Afterward, you should allow time for thorough drying and utilize air movers with dehumidifiers to ensure that adequate drying is achieved.
  4. Once all the water has been removed and dried, you will need to disinfect and sanitize the area. Water can contain harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and other health hazards, so it is important to sanitize the area. You will need to clean all surfaces and objects that encountered the water with proper and effective cleaning agents. 

In Conclusion 

To make water damage cleanup as easy as possible regardless of the size or scope of the damage, you should call restoration professionals like Faithful Cleaning. Not only do we understand just how stressful water damage is but we also know how to get it cleaned up quickly and correctly, preventing any further damage and getting your life back to normal as soon as possible. Even what may appear as a small water damage situation can quickly lead to bigger problems. It is always beneficial for you to call for an inspection any time you notice water damage and before you attempt to clean it up on your own to measure the deepness of damage. Give us a call and let us handle every step of the water damage cleanup process for you so you don’t have to stress on your own.