How To Approach Fire Damage Restoration

When your property suffers from a fire, there are several steps that need to be taken to ensure a complete and safe fire damage restoration. In Billings, Faithful Disaster Restoration is with you every step of the way during any fire disaster. We know how devastating fires are, and we know what it takes to have a successful restoration following a fire. We also know what it takes to keep you and your family safe during the fire damage restoration process. 

Immediate Fire Damage Restoration

First, don’t wait to get the restoration process started. Following a fire, the smoke and soot that remain throughout the house can damage glass, cabinets, flooring, paint, carpet and more. After the fire has been put out, the home has probably suffered more damage from water. The longer any of these components are allowed to sit, the more extensive the damage will become. Professional fire damage restoration crews like Faithful Disaster Restoration arrive on the scene as soon as the fire is out to start handling the mess.

Board-Up And Protection

If your home is exposed to outside elements through holes in the roof and broken windows or burned doors, a professional company will board up and cover the property to keep outside elements out – reducing the risk of further damage to your property.

Odor Removal

Like any other element that affects your home from a fire, fire odors are best resolved immediately. Like smoke and soot, odors will penetrate deep in the fibers of your property and become more and more difficult to remove as time goes on. Successful smoke odor removal happens immediately.

Water And Mold

Fire fighting efforts result in water damage to the property that has to be cleaned and restored quickly to prevent more damage. Depending on how long the water is allowed to sit, mold will become a problem. Most fire damage restoration companies will also be able to successfully cleanup and restore damage due to water and mold.

Professional Fire Damage Restoration In Billings

In Billings, Montana, Faithful Disaster Restoration is a full-service fire damage restoration crew that responds 24 hours a day to any fire disaster. Big or small, immediate restoration is required to properly clean up and remedy the damage that comes from a fire in your home. Save time and money by contact a professional fire damage restoration crew immediately after the fire is out!