When Fires In Billings Require Fire Damage Restoration

After the flames have been put out and your family is safe, you will need even more support in the coming weeks. Smoke and water damage can leave behind particles that will irritate your lungs and can cause both immediate and long-term health risks. Caustic soot can coat your furnishings with corrosive acid, causing surfaces to “pit” or scratch. Fire can damage the structure of your home, leaving weak spots that are not immediately visible to an untrained professional. For health and safety purposes, it is important that you don’t try to fix your fire  damage on your own. Restoration contractors at Faithful Disaster Restoration in Billings,  take the required fire damage restoration steps to ensure that your space is safe to be in again.

Fire damage restoration ranges from soot removal and neutralizing smoke odor, to substantial reconstruction. This process can vary and depends on the extent of the overall damage. Call for professional advice and support during this stressful time. You may need an assortment of services, depending on your situation:

Assessment And Evaluation

As soon as the fire damage restoration team arrives at your home, the safety of your family and home are the top priority. The absolute first step of a remediation professional will check for signs that the property is safe to enter. 

Next, the technician will assess the extent of the damage by exploring how far the fire, the smoke, and airborne soot have traveled. In order to create a precise plan of action and an accurate quote, they will also document the damage to your walls, furniture and possessions. At every step of the way, the technician will wear proper gear– to protect themselves and your possessions. 

Water Removal

Water used to put out the flames of the fire may have caused extensive damage to your home. Restoration after a fire includes extracting water from the interior and fully ventilating the premises to speed up the drying process. The longer carpet stays saturated with water, the more damage occurs.  

Soot And Smoke Odor Removal

Soot frequently contains corrosive elements that can permanently damage and/or discolor materials. For this restoration, contractors use specialized equipment and chemicals to remove soot residue from walls, ceilings, and other affected surfaces. Air scrubbers and foggers neutralize smoke odor that lingers after a fire, giving you clean, breathable air.

Structural Restoration

Structural restoration involves physical removal and replacement of fire-damaged elements. This can range from building materials and carpet, to paint and cosmetics. In many cases, major structural reconstruction may be required after a fire to ensure the home is structurally sound for the future. 

Boarding Up And Roof Tarping

Fire damage frequently includes broken windows and a damaged roof. To protect the building from rain or other elements, the restoration crew boards up missing windows or doors and tarps a damaged roof.  

Two other advantages of boarding up are 1) to retain insurance coverage and 2) to keep vandals out.  Don’t give your insurance company an excuse to deny your claim – pursue board up services following a fire or natural disaster.

For Fire Damage Restoration in Billings

No matter the severity of your fire, every minute that passes has the potential to cause more damage to your home.  It is so important that you choose a fire damage specialist capable of answering your emergency both quickly and proficiently. When you choose Faithful Disaster Restoration in Billings, Montana, you have a full service certified disaster recovery general contractor with the ability to take your project from the emergency call, to boarding up your structure, through complete fire damage restoration. With years of experience and training, they will restore as many of your belongings as possible and work closely with your insurance company.