Post Fire Clean-Up

Soot is a black powdery or flaky substance that forms through incomplete combustion. Fine soot particles can cling to surfaces such as walls and ceilings, as well as building contents. Soot can be difficult, and sometimes impossible to remove. Some soot is dry, some soot is oily; all soot is difficult to remove. Faithful Cleaning can quickly identify the best method to remove the evidence of your Billings house fire and help you restore your life. 

Protect The HVAC System

The good news is that you already have a great tool to help clean the air. Ash and soot in the vicinity will continue to become airborne when disturbed by air movement. Until the ash and soot are diluted and absorbed by the environment, your indoor mechanical air filtration may help minimize the uncomfortable and potentially health-threatening impact of these pollutants. 

The bad news is that the corrosive soot can degrade the expensive system. Have heating, ventilating and air-conditioning units and all ductwork professionally cleaned to remove soot, ash and smoke residue. Change filters when you first return to the premises and at least once a month for the first year.

Clean Every Nook and Cranny

Smoke and soot get everywhere. The hot air took the microscopic particles into every space in your home. When you wash and disinfect all interior walls and hard surfaces, don’t forget inside cabinets, drawers and closets. Some wood surfaces might absorb the smoke odor. Faithful Cleaning can make a room look and smell like new. 

Smoke Clings To Fabrics

Launder or dry clean all clothing and household fabrics. Decide if you want to tackle this job with your washer or if you want to outsource to a laundry service. Sunlight and fresh air will help neutralize the smell. 

Disinfect and deodorize all carpets, window coverings, upholstered furniture and mattresses with steam or other appropriate equipment. Ask your Faithful technician for advice on how to salvage your materials.

Check Outside, As Well

The smoke, ash, soot and fire fighting chemicals probably landed on your outdoor living spaces as well. Pressure wash, scrub or disinfect all exterior surfaces including walls, walks, drives, decks, window and deck screens, etc. Buy a really great outdoor mat for the home entrances; be diligent about keeping them clean. Don’t track grime in and out of the house while you recover. 

For Fire Damage Restoration in Billings

No matter the severity of your fire, every minute that passes has the potential to cause more damage to your home.  It is so important that you choose a fire damage specialist capable of answering your emergency both quickly and proficiently. And with Faithful Cleaning’s 24 hour phone service you can get support immediately.

When you choose Faithful Disaster Restoration, you have a full service certified disaster recovery general contractor with the ability to take your project from the emergency call, to boarding up your structure, through complete fire damage restoration. With years of experience and training, they will restore as many of your belongings as possible and work closely with your insurance company.

In Billings, contact Faithful Cleaning for help, advice and support after your fire.