Handling a “Black Water” Problem

We have all been in crappy situations, but none so much as dealing with sewage damage in your Billings home or business building. Not only is there a bad smell involved, there is also bad water that can cause serious illness. When dealing with sewage backup, you need to be aware of the risks and necessary steps to handle the cleanup process safely.

First, the team at Faithful Cleaning want you to be aware of contaminated water. There are three classifications of water contamination; Category 1: Clean Water, Category 2: Gray Water, and Category 3: Black Water. Since sewage is pretty far up there on the contamination list, we are going to only focus on Black Water.

In the Danger Zone

Category 3 water is referred to as “black water” because it is grossly contaminated and can cause serious illness or death if ingested. Black water comes from flooding rivers/streams, water from beyond the toilet trap, water from the toilet bowl with feces, or standing water that has begun to support microbial growth. Any form of contact with this type of water should be avoided because it may contain untreated sewage, harsh chemicals, and microbes. Damages from sewage water is the most destructive to homes and properties because of the health dangers involved. Pathogenic, fungal, and viral contaminations are all major risks of sewage damage with black water.

How to Protect Yourself

Now that the seriousness of black water has been explained, it is important to know how to protect you and your loved ones from the risks involved with sewage damage. Proper protection and cleaning techniques are required to return your home to a usable and safe environment. You should never try to handle sewage cleanup on your own. Sewage is a biohazard, and should be handled by trained professionals with the proper equipment, tools, and experience. Until professional technicians arrive, you should do all you can to keep children and pets away from the contaminated area, and try to keep the area contained as much as possible. Open windows in the area to allow ventilation and be sure that all utilities to the contaminated room are turned off. Also, do not use your HVAC system until you can be sure no contamination has infiltrated it.

Leave it to the Professionals

Once the professionals have arrived, they will get to work with the cleanup. They will inspect the damage first, and then make a plan of action to ensure adequate cleanup. All water and sewage will be drained or pumped out of the area, and dirt, soil, debris, and any fecal matter will be cleaned from surfaces that came in contact with sewage water. Professional air scrubbers, dehumidifiers and air movers can be used to ventilate and dry the area, and water damage restoration will begin (including any repair work). Professionals can completely sanitize your home and ensure odor removal.

Sewage damage cleanup is risky business, and should not be left to chance. Whenever sewage is involved, you need fast, professional service to restore your property back to normal as quickly as possible. At Faithful Disaster Restoration, we understand the seriousness of sewage, and will arrive at your home ready to get to work immediately. Your safety is our highest priority, and we follow all necessary protocols to ensure your property is restored to a clean and healthy environment. We know dealing with sewage stinks, but you do not have to go through all the crap involved with sewage damage on your own; Faithful Disaster Restoration is ready to handle your sewage emergency in Billings and surrounding areas.