Signs (and Sounds) Of Water Damage From The Cleanup Experts

Our homes are a complex combination of electricity, water, building material and people that are constantly interacting. For years, you can all get along with a minimum of disruptions but every once in a while… excess water causes a huge problem. While storms can be damaging, they are unpredictable. There is little you can do to prepare beyond routine maintenance and watching The Weather Channel. However, sometimes your home will give you a clue that something isn’t right with your plumbing. From our water damage cleanup experts, here are a few to watch out and take action now– before you have a full blown emergency. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Billings

Mysterious Sounds

Do you hear anything BESIDES running water when you turn on the tap?  Knocking, bumping, banging, humming, whistling, or gurgling are signs that something is wrong. For example, when a toilet gurgles, it indicates that negative air pressure is building up in the drain line, creating an airlock. That glugging sound is excess suction building in the line. The pressure imbalance will eventually release, pushing air backward through the drainpipe and into the toilet bowl. YUCK!

Pipes that are suspended must be securely fastened within the wall. When a fastener loosens or breaks, water might make noise as it moves through that section of pipe. Eventually, that section may become insecure enough to break inside the wall cavity.

If You Feel Low (or Unpredictable) Water Pressure

Especially in older homes, low water pressure can be a sign of imminent failure of some aspect of your plumbing. Typically, low water pressure is the product of a leak in your system, a clog somewhere in your pipes, or poorly sized pipes that fail to provide water reliable pressure.

 Low pressure may also be from a restriction at the faucet. Start by cleaning the aerator screen with a toothbrush and some vinegar. When clogged by hard water sediment, it can reduce the amount of water that flows through. 

The cartridge is a plastic piece in your faucet that controls water flow. It, too, can get clogged up or degraded by debris. They can be cleaned, but you might as well replace them if you have hard water. 

Unpleasant Smells Coming Up From The Drain 

Different smells indicate different problems. Near the kitchen sink, an accumulation of  scraps of food in the drainpipe might be decaying. You might need to flush it with hot water and detergent, or service the disposal. 

If you smell stinky sulfur near one plumbing feature, a blocked drain vent is allowing sewer gas to flow back into the home. If you notice the smell coming from all of your drains or frequently deal with clogs, your sewer line could be damaged.  

Or it might not be plumbing at all. If you notice a rotten egg smell or hear hissing noises coming from behind a wall, it could be a gas leak. If so, leave your home at once and call 911, your utility company and local plumbing service.

Sluggish, Stubborn Drains 

Bathtubs and showers drain slowly due to built-up debris like hair, trash and soap scum. Clean out those hairballs before you have overflowed. If all of your drains run slowly, you might have a problem where the home meets the municipal drainage system. Have a plumber come check it out. You sure wouldn’t want your whole home to back up with sewage the next time you have a home full of guests. 

Ceiling or Wall Stains

Brown spots on the ceiling are more than just unsightly; they may be a sign that water’s leaking directly above. Stains on walls could indicate leaks from windows. Discoloration on interior walls could be a result of plumbing or HVAC leaks in a line within the wall space. Investigate any streaks, bubbles or flaking paint. If you don’t find the source, call the water damage cleanup experts at Faithful Disaster Restoration to come help you look. They will find and fix the problem before they repair the damage. 

For Water Restoration in Billings

Whether you predicted it or not, when you have water damage, you need a solution now. Faithful Disaster Restoration’s 24 hour phone service will get immediate water damage cleanup support to your home. With years of experience and training, they will restore as many of your belongings as possible with the least number of disruptions. In Billings, call our water damage cleanup experts for help, advice and support after water damage.