Water Damage Cleanup In Billings: Four Causes Of Leaky Pipes To Be Aware Of

If you have a leaky pipe in your home, it is probably causing water damage and a major headache for you. To help you diagnose the problem, repair it, and be able to move on, here are four of the probable causes of your pipe leaking according to our water damage restoration experts at Faithful Cleaning in Billings.

Water Damage Cleanup In Billings  

Invasive Tree Roots

Invasive tree roots are the silent killer of underground water pipes. Over the course of many years, tree roots can gradually wind themselves around or puncture water pipes buried in the ground. When this happens, massive amounts of water can spill out of your pipe saturating the ground with water that will eventually make its way toward your home. If you are planting trees, make sure they are well out of the way of water pipes, and if you are moving into a new home make sure the trees aren’t about to damage any pipes below them. 

Shifts In Temperature

Freezing temperatures are bad news for water pipes. The constant contraction and expansion of water within the pipe will wear away at the pipe over time and potentially lead to a crack or rupture. To prevent your pipes from freezing, there are a couple simple things you can do. First, set your water to a drip each night that freezing temperatures are expected. The constant motion of the water is enough to keep the water from freezing within the pipe. Second, expose your pipes to the warm air inside your home by opening your cabinets at night. Finally, you can install insulation around your pipes to keep them warm. This is a great option because it is affordable and you only have to do it once. 


Modern pipes are designed to be resistant to rust and corrosion. While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wary of this problem, it does mean that rust problems are far more common with old pipes. Old pipes are more likely to be made of copper or galvanized steel which are far more vulnerable to rust than modern pipes. Rust and corrosion can seriously wear away at the integrity of a pipe over time so keep an eye out for any signs of rust on your pipes. 

Inferior Quality

Last of all, not all pipes are created equal. Just like old pipes are more vulnerable to rust and corrosion, lower quality pipes are more vulnerable to cracking and rupturing. Pipes of lower quality should be scrutinized extra closely since they are far more likely to develop problems than more reliable types of pipes. 

A leaky or bust pipe can significantly damage your home within just a matter of minutes. To avoid such a disaster it’s important that you understand these causes and take the necessary steps to prevent them from happening. Finally, if your home does ever suffer from water damage, don’t waste any time before giving us a call at Faithful Cleaning in Billings, Montana.