Water Damage In Billings Homes: Causes And Solutions

Discovering water damage in your home can be a stressful situation. Even more stressful is when you’re unsure of how the damage occurred or what a solution might be. To help you navigate such a situation or prepare for the future, below are three common causes of water damage in Billing’s homes and their solutions. 

Water Damage BillingsSevere Weather 

May and June are both high points for precipitation in Billings. Heavy rain may overwhelm gutter systems and drainage areas. There is even the risk of flash flooding, as we saw last year in 2023. June of last year saw many streets closing and reports of flooded basements. Solutions can vary; first, be sure you’re doing your due diligence as a homeowner and regularly inspecting the conditions of systems like your gutters. Second, be sure to put safety first. Severe weather can be dangerous. While in minor cases, you can take action yourself, in the case of severe flooding like last June, you may want to consider contacting a professional to ensure your safety, your family’s, and your home’s. 

Blocked Drains 

When drains become blocked, proper water drainage is prevented. If the situation becomes severe enough, clogged drains can back up and result in flooding and water damage. The cause for a blocked drain can vary. Hair, grease and soap scum, and dirt can all accumulate to result in a clogged drain. There are also other causes, like a stuck toy or foreign object. Thankfully, in most situations, the solution is simple: regular maintenance. It helps to have standard household tools, like a drain snake or a toilet plunger. It can also be helpful to sit down with children and discuss what is safe to go down drains and what is not. Regular cleaning and maintenance can help prevent flooding from blocked drains. 

Appliance Malfunctions

Most households have several appliances that provide modern comforts, such as washers and dryers, AC systems, water heaters, and dishwashers. Malfunctions can occur, and when water is involved, water damage can be the result. Your air conditioning unit collects condensation and typically deposits that condensation into a drainage pan or a drainage line. If this becomes full or clogged, the resulting leak can cause damage to walls, floors, and insulation. Similarly, leaking washers or water heaters can cause flooding. Older appliances are often at a higher risk. Like the solution to blocked drains, consistent maintenance and appliance evaluation is the easiest way to prevent this, especially if you own older units. Billings has many beautiful historic homes, but those can also occasionally come with higher maintenance needs. If damage does occur, you should consider contacting a professional to ensure the proper fix. 

Water damage is a significant issue. It can range from a nuisance to a danger and present the risk of lowered property value. Remember, however, that solutions exist. When in doubt or dealing with a potentially dangerous situation, consider contacting a professional water restoration company to ensure you get the right solution for your home. If you are local to Billings, our team at Faithful Disaster Restoration is available to help.