What You Should Do If Your Basement Floods

Did your basement just get hit with water?

When you walk down to your basement and see the damage the water has done, you may feel at a loss for what to do. You might even feel like running away and pretending like it didn’t happen, but that is not the answer.

If your basement has flooded, here are a few things you should do…

Assess the situation: If your basement is flooding, there are hazards that you should be aware of and look for. If the water is deep enough to reach any kind of wiring or outlets, or if you’re unsure if it has, do not enter your basement. The situation could easily escalate if you do so. It’s also important to know the danger of your situation if you have kids or pets in your home. Keep them out of harm’s way.

Find the source of the water: You should determine the source of the flood. Is it coming from poor sealing of the floor or walls? Is it a sewer problem? Is it from a low window well? Even if you cannot stop the water yourself, if you can identify the source of the problem, then you’re one step closer to fixing the situation.

Get the water removed! The water doesn’t belong there, so it needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Call a professional who is trained to take care of water damage. You should not attempt to clean up the water yourself, because that may do more harm than good.

Remove any wet items: The area needs to be completely free of any objects that are damp or wet in order to fully clear the water and dry your basement. You can get these items moved somewhere to dry out, such as a garage. If the items are damaged beyond repair or they are contaminated in some way, it is best to get rid of them.

Disinfect the area: Flood water isn’t like the water you drink. It can be hazardous for your health and lead to mold growth. Restoration professionals have specific processes and equipment in order to fully clean anything that may be hazardous to you and your family.

Get the area dry! Your best bet for drying out your basement is to call professionals. Without getting the area properly dried out, the water will seep into the walls and cracks and grow mold. Restoration professionals have specialized equipment and have been trained to know the correct way to dry your basement.

Floods are not fun for anyone, but they do happen. Whether they are big or small, Faithful Disaster Restoration in Billings Montana is here for you. We pride ourselves in getting the loss mitigated and rebuilt in days, not months. We will work directly with your insurance company to make things as easy for you as possible.