Avoid Common House Disasters

Water, fire, and mold damage are three of the most common and problematic threats that homeowners deal with. Their effects can be incredibly destructive and even dangerous at times. There are even cases where all three may occur in one disaster. This happens when a fire is put out using large amounts of water leading to water damage. Then, when that water is not removed quickly enough and leads to mold damage. One of your first priorities, as a homeowner, should be to prevent these disasters from happening. Here are a few more details about each of these types of damage that our professional restoration technicians at Faithful Disaster Cleaning in the Billings, Montana area recommend you know.  

Water Damage

Water damage can come from a variety of different sources. These include broken pipes, build up in basements or crawl spaces, faulty household appliances, HVAC issues, and natural disasters. Fortunately, most of these causes are usually avoidable. You can prevent water damage from occurring in most cases by closely monitoring your water bill, checking your appliances regularly, frequently cleaning your rain gutters, and having a plumber come out to check any plumbing issues right away. It is imperative that you have your home cleaned as soon as possible if it is flooded. The longer water sits in your home, the greater the overall damage will be.

Fire And Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage isn’t quite as common as water damage, but it can be far more destructive. House fires most commonly start as a result of mishaps in the kitchen, electrical issues such as frayed wires, smoking, children playing with fire, and malfunctioning appliances.

Another type of damage resulting from a fire that is important to mention is smoke damage. Smoke damage can permeate into your walls, carpets, and possessions. It can also be extremely dangerous if inhaled. Fortunately, these can all be prevented by paying close attention to detail and fixing any issues as they occur.

Mold Damage

Mold damage is often a consequence of water damage. However, it can also occur on its own. To prevent mold from growing after a flood, it is critical that the floodwater is removed and the home dried out as soon as possible. If you do this, then the resulting mold damage will be avoided or at least very minimal. Mold damage can still occur even without a flood. It typically grows in damp dark areas of the home. If you notice a musty odor, that is probably an indication that you have mold growing somewhere in your home that needs to be taken care of.

While water, fire, smoke, and mold damage are a few of the most common restoration projects we at Faithful Disaster Cleaning in Billings, Montana commonly work on, we are specialized in several other types of restoration work as well. If you find your home affected by any of these types of damage or any other for that matter, please don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can send our restoration professionals out to assess the damage and restore your home back to its original state as soon as possible.