Why You Need A Professional

Whether you’ve experienced a fire firsthand or not, you probably know that fire and smoke can cause a lot of damage to the building and to an individual’s health. We’ve known this since we were kids. However, if you have experienced a fire at home or at work in your Billings hometown, you know that the restoration process can be a hassle. The smoke, smell, damage, etc. is all something to worry about. Some think they can just wipe and sanitize the contaminated/damaged wall. However, that is not always the case. Fire damage can cause more than just fire damage, we at Faithful Cleaning know what to look for and how to clean the affected area. Here is why you shouldn’t clean it up yourself and trust a professional to do the nitty, gritty restoration. 

  1. Special Equipment
    1. Wash cloths, soap, and Clorox wipes won’t cut it when it comes to smoke damage and the lingering odor. You may have a carpet cleaner or a steamer; however, you most likely won’t have the correct and most effective equipment laying around your house. Professionals use special deep cleaning equipment in the carpets and furniture to get the lingering odor out of the fabrics in your home. In addition, they use other professional tools along with proper cleaning techniques to ensure a correct restoration occurs. 
  2. Health Hazards 
    1. Ever since we were young, we’ve learned the hazardous effects of fire and smoke. Just because we’re older doesn’t mean those dangers have gone away. Fire and smoke pose just as much danger now as they did when we were kids. Consequently, when your home has suffered fire damage let a professional handle it to ensure the safety of you and your home. 
    2. So, what are the health effects from smoke? Soot is the leftover residue left by a fire that is made up of chemicals from the fire and leftover (not completely burned) particles. Depending on the type and kind of fire, some soot may contain cancer causing particles, ammonia, tar, formaldehyde, etc. These don’t sound fun right? Professionals have the right equipment to correctly get rid of these harmful particles. 
  3. Restoration
    1. Professionals have the technology to restore objects the untrained eye would easily throw away. Don’t accidentally throw something away by thinking it’s unsalvageable when the professionals can actually salvage it. 
    2. Any project done by yourself always takes longer than letting somebody help you. The professionals do this for their job and will work until they restore your damaged property. In addition, they can correctly and efficiently clean your home by using special equipment. If you were to do the cleanup process by yourself, you may end up damaging your belongings more than they already were. 

Overall, to restore your home from fire damage, call a professional. At Faithful Disaster Restoration, they will help you clean up the tricky fire and smoke damages. They will make certain to use the right equipment, avoid health hazards, and ensure an effective restoration process. Do not wait to call! Call today!